We are Eco Kart,
The first Electric Vehicle Competition in India.

About - The perfect concept

Eco kart is a National Event for students pursuing Engineering Degree / Diploma. The Competition is to design and fabricate a single passenger Kart which is operated via a battery. This is the IV season of the competition known as Eco Kart 2017. The Competition will not only help students build interest towards automobiles, but also help them incorporate Team work and management skills within themselves.The Problem Statement is such that Every team is compelled to do rigorous Hard work and think out of the box, thus , New innovations are likely to grow in the Automobile Sector

The Historic Online Virtuals
Eco Kart Series, Started and conducted the first ever Online Virtual Round for any Mechanical Event in the World. This Initiative was highly appreciated by many Colleges and Professor around the Country, as it helps us to utilise the best out of Technology without any wastage of Time and Money..

Our Little History

Eco Kart 2014

The Event went live with the First Session with a massive 56 Teams registering for the Event. Various Deligates from Automobile Sector Visited the Event Venue

Eco Kart 2015

1,50,000 INR as prize Money was Awarded to the deserving teams, with as many as 83 Teams registered. We started the First Ever Session of Online Virtuals

Eco Kart 2016

BML Munjal University Opens Door for Eco Kart Series and we witnessed a Team Count of 94 Teams. Eco Kart tried its hands on the Camping Experience.

Our Awesome Team

Ankit Kumar

Founder - President

Akhil Jain

Vice President

Himanshu Tomar

Executive Manager

Sushant Sharma

Deputy Manager

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